What’s in a name?

The most common question we get (right after “Minnesota?!?”) is “Why ‘Yellow Hutch Farm’?”. A (simplified) answer still has lots of reasons. #1 – We have a yellow hutch.  #2 – Said hutch belonged to my grandfather’s aunt, and when it found its way to us it was a very dark, very brown color. We are sentimental people, and so while the hutch wasn’t as pretty as I wanted, it meant a lot to have it in our home. That hutch held toasters and teacups for people in my family long before I was born; it was important to us to appreciate and understand that it has both emotional and functional value, no matter what color it was. After a pep talk and with some help from my favorite Sister-in-Law, I decided to paint it my favorite color. Chris was an early naysayer; he thought it was fine the way it was – why take a risk and hate it? I stood my ground and took a huge leap and painted my family heirloom china hutch the bright, buttery yellow color of my dreams. It was the first time I had DIY-ed ANYthing, and it was a big, permanent decision. In the end… perfection.

I fell in love immediately, and Chris came to realize that it was exactly what the hutch and our home needed. Just like that hutch, moving to this farm is a big, exciting leap of faith. There have been naysayers, people reminding us that life in California was just fine that way it was – why take a risk and hate it? We stood our ground because in our hearts we knew that the farm life was just what our souls and family needed. Like a bright yellow china hutch, farm life might not be for everyone, but its just right for us.

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