Salad Bar Beef

This is the top product for us and the one that we are most excited about. In our opinion, grass-fed and finished beef is THE most regenerative protein source we have. A cow’s job is to convert sunshine into food by way of grass. Cattle that are managed in an intensive rotational system – where they are moved every day to fresh pasture – do wonders to rebuild soil health and animal welfare. Like the bison on the Great Plains, the cattle move together in a group, controlled by portable electric fencing rather than the predators of the plains. This creates a short-term pasture disturbance followed by a long period of rest. It allows the pasture to rebuild it’s roots and proliferate. Over time, this management system builds organic matter and produces a very diverse diet for the animals (hence the Salad Bar moniker), and we never have to feed grain, shovel manure, or buy chemical fertilizers. 

Retail and bulk sales are similar to pork except that we also offer a “split half” option. Instead of the traditional front or hind quarter, you don’t have to choose between (or get stuck with) either one. A split-half of beef gives you the same variety in cuts as a half, but in the smaller “quarter” quantity.

BACK FOR 2021: Set Price Split-Half! Is the thought of having to fill out a cut sheet and wading through the myriad options seem too cumbersome? This “all inclusive” price includes high quality, vacuum sealed packaging, pickup at the farm, and only requires 4 cubic feet of freezer space.  The package will include 80lbs of our high quality, local grassfed Salad Bar Beef, including:

  • 15lbs of Porterhouse, ribeye and sirloin steaks
  • 16lbs of brisket, sirloin, and chuck roasts
  • 8lbs of premium stew meat
  • 6lbs of beef short ribs
  • 10lbs of pre-made burger patties
  • 25lbs of ground beef in one pound packages

Every order will also include our Grassfed Beef Cooking guide, including recipes. Please note that weights listed are approximate and each Set Price Split-Half will differ slightly. Each package will contain 80lbs of product, with a maximum of 35lbs ground beef and burger patties.

If you would like to order a 2021 Set Price Split-Half, a $300 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your order with a balance of $450 due at pickup.  Ready to order?  Click here to reserve today!

We are still taking deposits for 2021. Beef is in limited quantity so reserve soon! A non-refundable deposit of $500 per half or $750 per whole locks you in. First-come, first-served. If we’ve already sold out when you reserve, you will be added to the waiting list for the next season.

Price for a whole beef is $9.00 per pound. That is the average of all the cuts; from prime rib and filet mignon, to hamburger and stew meat. Plan for 300-400 pounds of freezer beef. Go in with a friend and split it up among yourselves. Halves and split-halves are $9.25/pound. Salad Bar Beef Price Sheet

Click HERE for bulk reservations and HERE to order by the cut. Thank you!

Bulk Orders