Bottom Line Pricing

Traditionally, buying in bulk direct from a local farmer is a great way to stock up, support the local economy, and save money too. But, it can also be a confusing transaction for many people. Usually, a farmer sells an animal based on “hanging weight”, the customer then works with a butcher to determine how they would like the animal cut and wrapped, and then they pay the butcher directly for the finished product. This is usually done to skirt around the USDA inspection requirements, and all meat would be labeled “NOT FOR SALE.” Essentially, you are buying the live animal and then contracting with the butcher on the side to have it processed. This process has advantages, but the extra, after-purchase fees often lead to confusion and dissatisfied customers who thought they were paying a low per-pound price. By the time you actually get the meat in your freezer, you have to do some complicated arithmetic to figure out how much you actually paid per pound, and you may or may not think it was such a good deal.

At Yellow Hutch Farm, we are trying a different approach: Bottom line pricing! We are having all of our animals processed by a USDA-certified butcher, which means we don’t have to skate around the food police with confusing purchase and processing scenarios. This will also allow us to legally sell and ship products across state lines. You pay a per-pound price for the finished product. Simple as that. If you buy in bulk, you will still get to fully customize your cut list based on your cooking preferences and family size. And, best of all, you can save up to 45% off the full retail value of your cuts!