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Good morning, Farm Friends!

Even though it feels like spring is moving in slow motion, that doesn’t mean things on the farm have slowed down! We are hard at work getting pasture fencing, chicken tractors, and waterers ready for when the animals arrive on the farm (starting in a few weeks)! Because spring WILL be here before we know it, we wanted to reach out and make sure everyone has all the information about our bulk purchase program so that you can make the best decision for your family’s needs.

Bottom Line Pricing

This is our most popular bulk-purchase feature, and one that we feel makes your life (and purchase) as simple and easy as possible. If you were to make a bulk purchase from another farm, you would most likely be charged based on the animal’s “hanging weight.” Hanging weight is actually much heavier than the total pounds of meat you end up with, as it includes bones, organs, and other tissue that will be trimmed off and discarded after you have paid for it. When the meat is ready, you would then have to go pick your order up from the butcher, where you would pay an additional fee for the processing. When you make a bulk purchase with Yellow Hutch Farm, we pay for your custom processing, and you only pay for the pounds of meat that you get. We do not charge based on hanging weight in order to advertise a lower-than actual price-per-pound. You will not have to do any after-the-fact complicated calculating to determine what your true price-per-pound was. With Yellow Hutch Farm, you know what you’re paying and you get what you pay for throughout the entire transaction.  

Custom Cuts and Delivery

Another benefit to making a bulk purchase with Yellow Hutch Farm is the control you have over your order, from start to finish. Every family is different, and therefore every meat order should be too. Are you the King of the Grill, looking for roasts, loins, and chops? Or are you a Meatloaf Lover, hoping for lots of easy-to-use packages of ground meat? When you buy your meat in bulk, you are in charge of the type and amount of cuts that you receive. We want you to chose what ends up in your freezer. Before butchering day, we will work with you to come up with an order that fits your family’s needs. We are always available at any time to talk with you personally about cuts of meat, ways to prepare them, and the most economical way to divide your purchase.

After your meat is cut and wrapped, there are several options to get it from our USDA Inspected processor, Lake Haven Meats, to you. Depending on your preference, you can pick your order up directly from the processor in Sturgeon Lake, pick it up from the farm here in Braham, or we can deliver it to directly you. Even better – if you and other family or friends make multiple bulk purchases, we can coordinate one large drop off for multiple orders.

(If you would like to pick up your meat fresh rather than frozen, we are happy to coordinate that as well. This option might be helpful for people buying our whole pastured chickens, but wanting to part them out before freezing them.)

Bulk Purchases are Absolutely Reserved

As you all know, we are just getting started at Yellow Hutch Farm, and so our production in the next few years will be more limited than other operations. We want to keep this farm as sustainable as possible so that we can be around and a part of this community for as long as possible! Our limited inventory combined with the demand that we are seeing for clean, pasture-based, grass fed protein could lead to smaller-than-expected offerings at our retail locations. As soon as you make your non-refundable deposit on your bulk purchase (pork and/or beef), it is yours. Bulk purchasing is the only way to truly guarantee that you will end up with your desired amount and variety of our pastured protein.

What’s in your meat?

This is just a reminder that when you buy meat from us at Yellow Hutch Farm, you will, without a doubt, know what is in your meat. Our cows are 100% grass fed and finished – no corn or other supplements, ever. The cows, along with the pastured broiler chickens, get moved to fresh grass every day. While hanging out on clean, open pastures, the chickens and pigs have access to feed that has NO GMOs, corn, soy, antibiotics, chemicals, or hormones. The animals shouldn’t eat that stuff, and neither should we.

Come on out!

Our customers are our best and most important quality control and endorsement. We always welcome you to come visit the farm and see both how the animals are being raised, as well as how our rotational grazing farm-model actually benefits the environment.

We are excited to get to know you, and we’d love to be your farmers!

~Chris and Lauren

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