Founders’ Club

Founders’ Club is closed for 2024

In the future… Founders’ Club members can sign up and PRE-PAY for farm product in any amount of their choice.

It could be $20, or $2,000- it’s up to you! We will earmark that money in your name, and you can redeem at any time, for any currently available product, and your investment never expires.

If you sign up for the Founders’ Club, you will get 10% BONUS on everything you order (does not include shipping), up to the amount of your initial investment. For example: If you were to invest $1,000, you will be entitled to $1,100 worth of product. And remember, it NEVER EXPIRES! This is good for both retail cuts and bulk purchases (whole and half animals) – anything! FOUNDERS’ CLUB memberships are open from January 1st through May 31st. If you are planning on getting meat anytime this year, you might as well pre-pay and get a little bit more for your money! 

Fill out the form below and we will email you an invoice for your Founders’ Club investment. Once we receive payment, you’re first in line for pastured protein! (A few set amounts can also be purchased through our farm shop page.)