January 2018

Pasture Prose

January 2018

Happy New Year from Yellow Hutch Farm! I want to wish everyone a healthy and prosperous 2018. This is a particularly exciting year for us; we have much to look forward to, and we can’t wait to get to work producing clean, integrity food for you all. Our grass based system of frequent pasture rotations, working with nature, and not administering unnecessary antibiotics or growth hormones ensures the highest quality, most nutrient dense, cleanest food you can get. An added bonus is the flavor is like nothing you can find at the supermarket! We are finalizing retail market selections, and continue working to get the word out. Please let a friend know about us!

A very special Thank You is in order to our Founders Club members that have signed up so far. For those who haven’t yet, there is more about this program below.


Traditionally, buying in bulk direct from a local farmer is a great way to stock up, support the local economy, and save money too. But, it can also be a confusing transaction for many people. Usually, a farmer sells an animal based on “hanging weight”, the customer then works with a butcher to determine how they would like the animal cut and wrapped, and then they pay the butcher directly for the finished product. This is usually done to skirt around the USDA inspection requirements, and all meat would be labeled “NOT FOR SALE.” Essentially, you are buying the live animal and then contracting with the butcher on the side to have it processed. This process has advantages, but the extra, after-purchase fees often lead to confusion and dissatisfied customers who thought they were paying a low per-pound price. By the time you actually get the meat in your freezer, you have to do some complicated arithmetic to figure out how much you actually paid per pound, and you may or may not think it was such a good deal.

At Yellow Hutch Farm, we are trying a different approach: Bottom line pricing! We are having all of our animals processed by a USDA-certified butcher, which means we don’t have to skate around the food police with confusing purchase and processing scenarios. This will also allow us to legally sell and ship products across state lines. You pay a per-pound price for the finished product. Simple as that. If you buy in bulk, you will still get to fully customize your cut list based on your cooking preferences and family size. And, best of all, you can save up to 45% off the full retail value of your cuts!

Sign up now and send us a deposit to reserve a whole, half or split half beef or hog. As we get closer to butcher day, we will send you a cut sheet to fill out. That sheet will go to the butcher, and your animal will be cut to your specifications. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you need help or advice!


For a limited time – only until March 2018 –  you have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor, and help us get off the ground. FOUNDERS’ CLUB members can sign up and PRE-PAY for farm product in any amount they choose. It could be $20, or $20,000- it’s up to you! We will earmark that money in your name, and you can redeem at any time, for any currently available product, and your investment NEVER EXPIRES! But wait, there’s more…

If you sign up between now and the end of January 2018, you will get a 15% DISCOUNT on everything you order (does not include shipping), up to the amount of your initial investment. 15% is a pretty good rate of return on any investment! For example: If you were to invest $1,000, you will be entitled to $1,150 worth of product. And remember, it NEVER EXPIRES! This is good for both retail cuts and bulk purchases (whole and half animals) – anything! FOUNDERS’ CLUB discounts will reduce to 10% on February 1 and then to 5% March 1, so sign up early to take advantage of big savings. Head over to yellowhutchfarm.com for more information and to sign up.



These birds come to the farm as day old chicks and begin their life in our brooder where they are started on their non-medicated, non-GMO ration. After about 3 weeks they are feathered out and ready to go out on pasture. They are placed in portable shelters, called Chicken Tractors, and are moved EVERY DAY to fresh grass where they can forage for protein and fertilize at the same time. At around 8 weeks, they will be ready to process. We will offer whole birds only. If there is a desperate desire for cut up birds, let us know and we will try our best to accommodate.

We are planning two batches of broilers to be processed the weeks of June 11th and July 16th. If there is demand, I would love to add a third batch for late-August processing. Price for 2018 is $4.25 per pound. Pre-paid volume discounts available, starting at 10 birds.


Pigs are amazing creatures. We love the utility of the animal and the quality of the meat they provide. We raise the pigs outdoors, rotating around the farm protected by portable electric fencing. They start in the garden area rooting and tilling the soil, while foraging any yummy leftover vegetables. Then they will move through the rougher pasture areas helping to clean up the overgrowth and fertilize as they go. Finally, they will finish in the woods, where they can root for morsels and glean anything they want from the tree nuts and leaf litter. They always have access to a balanced, non-GMO ration. Pork will be available by the cut, and as a discounted bulk purchase of a whole or half animal that is custom cut to your specifications.

Pork will be ready in late August. Bulk price for a whole, (plan for about 150 pounds in the freezer), is $7.50 per pound; halves are $7.75. Remember – this is the price for the meat you take home. There are no surprise processing fees or costs after that! Reserve yours today with a $200 non-refundable deposit per half! Reservations are filled first-come, first-served.


This is the top product for us and the one that I am most excited about. In my opinion, grass fed and finished beef is THE most regenerative protein source we have. A cows job is to convert sunshine into food by way of grass. Cattle managed in an intensive rotational system where they are moved every day to a fresh salad bar does wonders to rebuild soil health and animal welfare. Like the bison on the Great Plains, the cattle move together in a tight group, controlled this time by portable electric fencing instead of predators. This creates a short term pasture disturbance followed by a long period of rest. It allows the pasture to rebuild it’s roots and proliferate. Over time this management system builds organic matter and produces a very diverse diet for the animals, hence the Salad Bar moniker; we never have to feed grain, shovel manure, or buy chemical fertilizers! Retail and bulk sales are similar to pork except that we also offer a “split half” option. Instead of the traditional front or hind quarter, you don’t have to choose between (or get stuck with) either one. A split-half of beef gives you the same variety in cuts as a half, but in the smaller “quarter” quantity.

We are now taking deposits for 2018. Beef will be in very limited quantity this year so reserve soon. A non-refundable deposit of $500 per half locks you in. First-come, first-served. If we’re already sold out, you will be first on the waiting list for 2019.

Price for a whole beef is $9.00 per pound. That is the average of all the cuts; from prime rib and filet mignon, to hamburger and stew meat. Plan for 300-400 pounds of freezer beef. Go in with a friend and split it up among yourselves. Halves and split-halves are $9.25/pound.

Please consider these bulk and volume purchase options to realize the best value for your food dollar. If you plan on eating meat all year, you might as well have it in your freezer! Combining bulk purchase with a Founders’ Club discount will result in huge savings! Referrals are our lifeline, so please tell a friend and ask them to sign up on our email list. Please visit our website, www.yellowhutchfarm.com for more information. If you would like a paper version of this letter for yourself or a friend, let us know how we can get one to you.

Cheers and good eating!

Chris Kiesz