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Minneapolis Meet Up – Wednesday, July 24 at noon!

We Are Coming To Minneapolis!

We know many of you are in the Twin Cities metro area and have been waiting patiently for us to find a convenient way to get meat from the farm into your freezer. We are very close to finalizing a regularly scheduled metro area drop – more info on that coming soon! For now, we are excited to let you know that we will be dropping off meat in south Minneapolis (on Pleasant Ave near Lake Nokomis) next Wednesday, July 24th at noon! If you are interested in our regeneratively raised, 100% grassfed and finished beef or pastured poultry (No GMOs, corn, soy, or antibiotics – ever!), now is a great time to stock up while we are in Minneapolis. You can head to our ordering page to fill your freezer!

All orders must be received by noon on Tuesday, July 23rd. We will pack up your order and email you an invoice (containing the exact total and street address) by Tuesday night. You can either pay directly through Square or bring cash/check/credit card to the drop site. Please spread the word to your local friends; its not too far from St. Paul to meet up for some clean, healthy, locally raised protein. 

You’ll find the cuts of beef and chicken that we have available on our Order By the Cut page. All orders will be first come, first served. To place your order, head to

Cheers and great eating,

Chris and Lauren