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News and Notes from the Farm – April 2019

Spring has finally arrived! Things are starting to green up and activity is picking up around the farm. We wanted to send a quick update to let everyone know what’s going on here at the farm.

First off, this past Saturday we were delighted to participate in a “Local Food Fair” at the new Yellow Belly Hard Cider facility at Sapsucker Farms near Quamba. What a wonderful facility and farm they have! We had a great time seeing some friendly faces, meeting new people, spreading the word about local food, and explaining what we’re up to here at our place. Thanks to hosts Jim and Debbie Morrison for including us!

A sure sign spring is here is that we have our first batch of broilers here on farm. The baby chicks arrived last Thursday and are snug and warm in the brooder, eating, drinking, and growing! They will be out on pasture as soon as they feather out in a couple of weeks. Our first “Chicken Day” of the season will be Friday, June 14. If you want fresh, never frozen chicken for weekend grilling, make plans to come out to the farm and stock up! Remember, we offer a $0.70 per pound discount on pre-orders of 10 or more whole broilers; let us know if you’d like to take advantage. Also, new this year: we will have individual cuts of poultry, including 8 piece cut-ups, boneless breasts, leg quarters, wings, plus all the goodies for stock and bone broth like feet, frames, livers, and hearts.

Our 100% grass-fed and finished Salad Bar Beef cattle are looking great coming out of winter! They have spent the winter months on pasture “bale grazing” our own chemical free hay. We’re really pleased with this feeding system, and can’t wait to see the soil building results of all their hard work grazing out on the land, and spreading nutrients and fertility. We hope to begin our daily pasture rotations in a couple of weeks. We only have 2 beeves and a quarter left for reservation! If you’d like to enjoy local, healthy, and regenerative 100% grass fed beef this fall, sign up and send in your deposit soon! Don’t forget about our new Set-Price Split Half option; 80 pounds of predetermined cuts for $750. It takes the guesswork out of buying in bulk.

We’re really looking forward to getting feeder pigs on the farm and raising Pastured and Forested Pork. As soon as the cattle move out to summer pasture, we’ll be bringing in pigs and begin training them to portable electric fencing. Soon, they will begin rotating around the farm doing what pigs do. We’re so excited to have pork on farm, and in our freezer. We just can’t abide bland, tasteless, confinement pork. We are taking reservations for half and whole hogs for late summer/early fall. Please let us know if you like to reserve!

Finally, we want to remind everyone that we will be back at the Cambridge Farmers Market this year. Our first market will be on May 11th, and every Saturday thru October from 9am-1pm at the City Center Market. There will be more vendors this year, and more variety of goods. Come out and see us!

As always, more information about our farm as well as ordering information can be found on our website. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions, concerns, feedback, or just want to come out to the farm and chat! We want to thank you for following along with us; we appreciate it very much. We hope to hear see you all soon! Happy Spring!

Cheers and great eating,

Chris and Lauren