Order Chicken

Pastured poultry is back in stock! We have the following options for chicken:

  • whole broiler (3-5 lbs each – $4.95/lb)
  • 8-piece cut-up chicken ($6.95/lb)
  • 2 boneless breasts ($9.95/lb)
  • 3 leg quarters ($5.95/lb)
  • 10 wings ($4.95/lb)
  • 2 frames for stock/soup ($2.95/lb)
  • hearts and livers ($4.95/lb)
  • feet ($6.95/lb)

New – Chicken Bundle! Our first chicken bundle of the season is available now. For only $125, you get $140+ worth of pastured poultry! In this bundle, you will receive the following:

  • 2 5+lb whole broilers
  • 4 boneless breasts
  • 6 leg quarters
  • 10 wings
  • 2 frames for soup/stock

For 2019, we are offering a bulk discount on 10-packs of broiler chickens. The chickens are each 3-5 lbs (some are 5+ lbs); the bulk price is $4.25/lb, with a $50 deposit to reserve your chickens. To order your corn and soy free pastured broiler chickens, use the form below and we will email you an invoice. (Credit card customers can click here to purchase through our farm shop page.)