Our Story

Welcome to Yellow Hutch Farm! We are Chris and Lauren Kiesz, and we are originally from California. Although we were lifelong Californians – born and raised in the same town – we had dreams bigger than the Golden State could hold. In 2017, after countless conversations, hundreds of real estate listings, seven farm showings, and one big leap of faith, we landed in Braham, Minnesota and could not imagine a more perfect place.

Chris and Lauren were both born and raised in the same small(ish) agriculture focused town of Woodland, California, in Yolo County. Chris spent his early childhood hanging around on a cattle ranch with his grandparents, learning how to be a good old-fashioned steward of animals and the land. He spent his teen years as a member of  Woodland High School’s FFA chapter, where he raised pigs, participated in carpentry projects, and helped restore a vintage tractor. Chris then spent 15+ years in the carpentry and building trades; there is not a building, vehicle, or implement on a farm that Chris can’t build, re-purpose, or repair.

Lauren attended UC Davis, where she got her Bachelors Degree in English, teaching credentials, and a Master’s in Education. She was an elementary and middle school teacher for 11 years before the family’s move to Braham. Along the way, Chris and Lauren added three little ladies to the family. The kids have taken to farm life like ducks to water; they have never been happier! Chris is farming full time, Lauren is the head farm hand and finally back in the classroom with kindergarteners, and the three farm kids are busy with chores, 4H, and sports!

Our free-range, grass fed babies.