Yellow Hutch Farm

Yellow Hutch Farm was established in September 2017, after lots of thought and planning. Starting many years ago, we began to think more critically of the modern, industrialized food system and how it is affecting the health and well-being of consumers, farmers, and land. The more we learned about the way our food is produced, the more we wanted to become proactive participants in the equation. We spent many hours researching about and learning from other grass-based farmers; what we discovered ignited our passion for regenerative grass-based farming.

All natural pasture, ready for the cows, pigs, and chickens!

When we started thinking about food and farming, we automatically thought about the impact this farm would have on our family. The biggest inspiration for making this leap onto a grass-based farm was our three daughters. All parents want to provide their children with safe, healthy food; after learning all that we did about factory and mass-produced meat, we couldn’t, in good conscience, do nothing. Giving our kids the opportunity to have clean, healthy, home-grown pastured protein is a long-awaited dream of ours. We are so excited to be able to bring the same opportunity to the families in our community!

The Kiesz Family – 2017

We are an 80-acre, pasture-based livestock farm, offering pastured poultry, pastured and forested pork, and 100% grass fed and finished beef. Yellow Hutch Farm does not use any antibiotics, growth hormones, chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, or animal confinement. The supplemental feed for the pigs and chickens is always free of GMOs, corn, and soy. The sun grows the grass; the animals get to be animals. When it is managed properly and with diligence, everything works together to maintain a healthy, regenerative system. When the animals get to live clean, happy, healthy lives, they are then able to be the healthy, nutritious, clean food that we all need. Our animals will be loved, respected, and cared for, every day of their lives.

All the ingredients for healthy pastured protein: sunshine and fresh air.

We are so excited that you are here with us! We hope to be productive, healthy stewards of our land and farm.